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The Southern Valleys Cotton Growers Association (SVCGA) executive is made up of nine members – a diverse and talented team that operates with integrity and objectivity. By acting on behalf of growers, the SVCGA executive is able to enhance the cotton industry in the south.

Meet the SVCGA committee:

John Durham, Chair

While quite new to the Southern Valleys cotton-growing region, John Durham has seven years of industry experience from the Macintyre Valley in Southern Queensland. Based at Coleambally, he is the manager at Tubbo Irrigation.

John is the chair of the SVCGA, represents SVCGA at Cotton Australia general meetings as well as being a representative on the CRDC Farming Panel. Together with the executive committee, he is keen to role up his sleeves for the development and progression of the cotton industry in the Southern Valleys.

Mobile: 0475 831 093 | Email: jdurham@agcap.com.au

Peter Tuohey, Treasurer

Peter Tuohey has more than twenty-five years’ experience servicing the Murrumbidgee farming district. An award-winning cotton grower, his expertise includes crop application management, both in the contracting field and on his own irrigation and dry-land properties.

Peter and wife Caroline have planted 1,300 hectares of cotton this season and are one of the driving forces behind the construction of Rivcott cotton gin at Carrathool. He represents Rivcott at Cotton Australia general meetings and is a member of the CRDC Industry Panel. If you have a SVCGA financial enquiry, contact Peter:

Mobile: 0428 511 664 | petertuohey@daisylodge.com.au

Stacey Storrier, Event Manager

Stacey Storrier and her husband Michael have been operating the family business ‘Riverview Farming’ in Hillston with his family, for over 16 years where they grow cotton, grains and cattle.

Stacey has been involved in the SCVGA for many years and is currently focused on events including the bi-annual Cotton Awards Dinner. If you have an events question, contact Stacey:

Mobile: 0428 672 242 | Email sstorrier@riverviewfarming.com.au 

Emma Ayliffe,  Sponsorship Coordinator

Based in Griffith, Emma is an agronomist with Elders Rural Services. A young farming champion, Emma has been based in the Riverina for two seasons.

Previously based in the Menindee and Lower Darling, she was previously secretary of the Lower Darling Cotton Grower Association. If you’re looking for a sponsorship opportunity, contact Emma:

Mobile: 0458 307 347 | Email: emma.ayliffe@elders.com.au

Kate O’Callaghan

An agronomist, grower and general manager, Southern Cotton, Kate O’Callaghan wears many hats in the cotton industry. That’s why she is able to provide valuable input as a member and co-secretary of the SVCDGA executive. She represents Southern Cotton at Cotton Australia general meetings and is the chair of the CRDC People Panel.

With established, strategic relationships in the Southern Valleys, Kate is able to harness goodwill in the industry and the community to help educate and promote the quality and sustainability of cotton growing in the south.

Mobile: 0427 557 277 | Email: kate.ocallaghan@southerncotton.com.au

Marg Burge

Marg Burge has 33 years’ involvement in running family irrigation farms in the Coleambally area. Marg brings an interest, wealth of experience and commitment to ensuring irrigation farmers have options for their cropping enterprises. Years of involvement in the water debate gives Marg a good working knowledge of the value in keeping irrigation water within the Southern Valley.

Marg hopes to continue building the link between the SVCGA, the growers, the community and the cotton industry. If you have a question about SVCGA membership, contact Marg:

Mobile: 0428 541 201 | Phone: (02) 6954 1204 | Email: gemkhe@gmail.com

Richard Malone

Based in Griffith, Richard Malone is an agronomist with Customised Farm Management. He has been involved in the cotton industry for eight seasons, in both the Murrumbidgee Valley and Darling Downs. Richard is a member of the CRDC Industry Panel and represents SVCGA at Cotton Australia general meetings

The SVCGA research panel identifies priorities and facilitates cotton trials. If you are an agronomist/consultant in the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee and Murray valleys, and would like to be involved in the research committee, contact Richard:

Mobile: 0403 029 746 | Email: richard@cfma.com.au

Honi Anderson

Honi Anderson represents Cotton Australia (CA) at a regional level by communicating important issues to growers, promoting policy initiatives and managing grower feedback on issues and research direction.

As a member of the SVCGA executive, Honi is able to extend myBMP support to Southern Valleys cotton growers and provides a direct line of communication to CA, should any local issues arise that may need addressing at the national level.

Mobile: 0437 700 300 | Email: honia@cotton.org.au

Jorian Millyard

Jordan Millyard is based in Hay and has been involved in the industry for the past 25 years, as both a reseller agronomist in the south and an agronomist in the Gwydir Valley. He provides support on seed and growing techniques for cotton.

As an extension and development agronomist with Cotton Seed Distributors, he also facilitates trials to observe cotton growing cool and short season areas.

Mobile: 0428 950 009 | Email: jmillyard@csd.net.au

Kieran O’Keeffe

Kieran O’Keeffe has worked closely with broad acre irrigators for over 25 years’ in a wide range of crops. He is currently vice chairman of the Irrigation Research and Extension Committee and on the executive of Crop Consultants Australia.

As Cotton Info regional development officer, Kieran brings the latest news, information, events, and research to southern cotton growers and advisers.

Mobile: 0427 207 406 | Email: kieran.okeeffe@cottoninfo.net.au

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