About us

About the Southern Valleys Cotton Growers Association

The Southern Valleys Cotton Growers Association (SVCGA) represents cotton growers in the south – southern NSW and northern Victoria. Our role is to support our members’ interests and create opportunities where we can work together to develop and promote the cotton industry in the Southern Valleys.

Headed up by a highly-respected executive team, the SVCGA aims to build open and honest relationships with members, and provide a collaborative environment to share knowledge. This way, the SVCGA is able to present a united and influential voice in the cotton industry and the broader community.

Here is how the SVCGA is making an impact:

Education and promotion

By developing strategic relationships within the south, the SVCGA is able to share the responsibility of educating others about growing cotton, and promoting the sustainability of cotton farming.

Research and development

By connecting our members with relevant cotton research and development trials, the SVCGA is able to ensure the contribution of southern cotton growers in industry innovation initiatives.

Policy and advocacy

By providing a cohesive and persuasive voice, the SVCGA is able to advocate on behalf of Southern Valleys growers, and in turn, inform and shape cotton-related policy, at all levels.

Cotton industry alignment

By maintaining key relationships, including links with Cotton Australia and the Cotton Research Development Corporation, the SVCGA is able to play a key role in the alignment of the cotton industry.


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